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Organic Atlantic Agar Flakes - Sea Vegetable Gelling Agent

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  • Ingredients: Organic Agar Sea Vegetable

    Product weight: 30g

    Clearspring Organic Agar Flakes are a high quality, vegan-friendly alternative to gelatine. They are perfect for creating delicious desserts, jellies and aspics. Organic and free from chemical bleaching agents, our Agar Flakes are sourced from the luscious waters of the Atlantic. One teaspoon of agar flakes can set 250ml of liquid.

    Sustainable Packaging

    CompostableInner bag: Compostable RecyclableOuter carton: Recyclable

    • Made from bio-film from renewable sources
    • Comprises cellulose from wood-pulp, produced in carefully managed plantations
    • Compostable certified by the EU and the USA

    Product Code: SVG0802.030A

  • Nutritional data currently being updated, please check back later.

    1. Use one tsp of Agar Flakes per 250ml liquid*
    2. Stir gently and soak for 30 mins.
    3. Heat without stirring until boiling.
    4. Simmer, stirring occasionally until fakes fully dissolve (5-10 minutes).
    5. Pour into moulds and cool to set (strain if there are any Agar Flakes remaining)

    *Acidic foods may affect the gelling strength.

    For best results, test recipe by taking a spoonful of the heated mixture and allowing it to rapidly set on a cool surface. If the mixture does not set in a few minutes, add more flakes and simmer for a few more minutes.

    Store in a cool, dry place
    Reseal pack after use

  • A family company formed by a husband and wife team, they are devoted to exploring the marine world and started to sell seaweed in 1998. They base the success of their company on the study and popularisation of the organoleptic characteristics of seaweed. Their team is continuing to:

    • Study for the understanding and discovering of new species of seaweed
    • Explore edible marine resources
    • Look for new ways of farming marine seaweed, process and developing products with new technologies in order to automate the manufacturing process
    • Study the sustainable development of their production processes: harvesting and manufacturing

    They continue to be committed to the company ethos, where research and respect for the environment is a priority. We are honoured and excited to bring you this finest Organic Atlantic Sea Vegetable range. As well as being healthy and nutritious, Sea Vegetables also have flavours, textures and colours that make it a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

    Discover the great taste of Sea Vegetables today!

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