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Japanese Ume Shiso Seasoning

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  • Ingredients: Ume plums (82%), sea salt, red shiso (perilla) leaves (2%)

    Due to its inherent saltiness, use sparingly.

    Product weights: 150ml, 500ml

    It is the juice from the pickling of umeboshi, salt-pickled plums, and is popular in Japan. This tart, tangy seasoning adds a refreshing zest to salad dressings, cooked vegetables and spreads. Use in place of vinegar, but remember that due to its inherent saltiness, any salt in the recipe will need to be reduced or eliminated.

    Product Codes: CS611 (150ml), CS613 (500ml)

    • High in Protein
    • Low Sugar
    • Fat Free
    • Saturated Fat Free

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  • When using in place of vinegar, reduce or eliminate the salt in your recipe.

Customer Reviews

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Regular purchase

Very good service and product. There was a lot of packaging this time,probably more than really needed, maybe some savings could be made there?

Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for the valuable feedback. We're continuously trying to reduce packaging waste, finding that balance between safety and minimal waste. Great to hear you enjoyed the products :)

Great umeboshi seasoning, tastes so good, tangy like the plumbs & is super pretty

Just perfect in most cooking

Just perfect in most cooking

You must try this on veggies!

This is awesome stuff. It's essential to try this on veggies (And just about anything else!)
While this is fantastic in Asian cooking it really adds a certain something to western cooking too, especially in soups. Also a great addition to any meats and fish.

Always good quality

Always good quality

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