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Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad - Dried Sea Vegetable

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  • Ingredients: Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), Agar (Gelidium spp.), Aka Tsunomata (Chondrus ocellatus)

    Due to the nature of the product, this pack may contain a trace amount of fish, molluscs and/or crustaceans.

    Sea vegetables are naturally rich in iodine. People sensitive to the effects of iodine are advised to seek medical advice before consuming this product.

    Contains 5 servings - ready in 10 minutes

    Product weight: 25g

    Clearspring Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad is unbleached and undyed, and when soaked and served with a vinaigrette dressing it makes an ideal side salad. Simply soak, season and serve alone or with garden salad vegetables. Each 25g pack contains 5 servings and the salad increases in volume considerably when soaked.

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    Product Code: SB202


    • High in Protein
    • Saturated Fat Free
    • Source of Fibre
    • Fat Free
    • Sugar Free

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  • To prepare, simply soak for 10-15 minutes in lukewarm water (Note: It will expand up to five times in volume). Drain well and dress with your favourite seasonings.

Customer Reviews

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Great with noodles and salads

Now gonna be my staple

I was quite intimidated at first as it was my first time trying it, however I must say I absolutely love it. It taste just like fish. I mixed it with romaine lettuce and also had tomatoes and cucumber.

3 dried sea vegetables? Sorted!

Use this on my garden mixed salad and seeds/nuts … Small reconstituted handful is a treat on the centre of salad! Tastes good as well.

If you like seaweed you'll enjoy this

Really excellent product, great taste, easy to prepare, quick delivery.

Thank you for the great review Jessica:) Glad you like our Sea Vegetable Salad and that you were happy with the service!
super food

absolutely brilliant, I mix with just about everything!

Thank you for the great review Mary :)

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Tasty and easy to cook
Not as great as I thought.
Hi Mehreen, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're really sorry to hear this product caused such an affect on you. We've issued you some store credit to compensate. We'd be interested to know how you used it, so we can investigate and potentially adjust our usage instructions. Hope this helps. Apologies again for the distress caused.
Great product, great service
Brown and wild rice