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Japanese Pickled Daikon

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  • Ingredients: Daikon (Japanese white radish) (91%), Sea Salt, Rice Bran.

    Product weight: 100g

    An extremely healthy and versatile food and one of the quintessential vegetables in the Japanese diet. Clearspring Pickled Daikon is made to traditional time honoured rural methods and without any colourings or additives. Called “Takuan” in Japanese, after the Buddhist priest who invented it, it is simply daikon root pickled in rice bran. Known to be rich in B-vitamins and lactobacilli, pickled daikon is commonly made in rural Japanese homes every autumn and eaten throughout the winter. Clearspring pickled daikon is made to these same traditional farmhouse methods used for centuries.

    What is Daikon?

    Daikon, a giant white radish, Raphanus sativus in latin, sometimes known in the West under its Indian name, mooli. "Daikon" means great root in Japanese, which is an appropriate description; shaped like a carrot but much larger, daikon has a crisp, peppery taste not dissimilar to that of horseradish, but smoother and milder.

    How to cook with Pickled Daikon

    Pickled daikon, is mostly found served in slices alongside miso soup, rice, or nori-maki. You can also try it in sandwiches instead of pickled gherkins. Also serve it with oily dishes, as it is used in Japan to counterbalance fatty foods.

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  • Rinse off the bran and cut into thin slices for immediate use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cyril Wheat
Pickled Daikon Sushi essential

I use this product in Sushi with other pickles and it creates a great balance which tastes really good. An excellent product.

Ann Kahn

As I wrote to you - love it in my morning rice.

Emiko Murrell

Pleased to taste its authenticity

Keith Stewart

Wonderful pickle !

Karen T

I started making my own nuka pickles but I wasn't sure if they were as well-flavoured as they could be when I dug them out of the bran. They were pleasantly savoury rather than the "tangy and earthy" style everyone said I should aim for. (My nukadoko remains a work in progress.) So I bought Clearspring's version for a benchmark of what home-made nukazuke should taste like. Excellent flavour –– so now I have my standard to work towards. I love daikon in every possible form, but it's hard to find it where I live, so it's great to have a reliable source of bran-pickled daikon that I can keep in the larder. Perfect with rice, on top of ramen, or just as a fridge-raiding snack when you're craving something crunchy and salty.