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Japanese Green Nori Sprinkle - Sea Vegetable Condiment

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    Green Nori Sprinkle is a different variety of sea vegetable to sheet nori. It is a tasty condiment to keep handy for serving with all kinds of food.

    Ingredients: Green laver sea vegetable (Ulva pertusa)

    Product weight - 20g

    Producing Clearspring Nori

    Clearspring Nori sea vegetable is farmed and produced using traditional methods in Kyushu, Japan. While some varieties of sea vegetables such as hijiki, arame and dulse are harvested from the wild using sustainable practices, others such as nori are extensively cultivated in Japan and other East Asian countries.

    Although originally gathered wild, nori has been cultivated in Japan for over 300 years. Nets made of woven rope impregnated with nori spores are suspended each year between long bamboo poles set deep into the calm, shallow bays. The height of each net is carefully set so that it remains above the water level during low tide, giving the growing nori maximum sunlight, but below the water level, so the plants receive a regular washing, at high tide.

    During the colder months, the delicate nori plants will grow until they cover the entire net. In late winter they are harvested and brought ashore, where they are washed, cut, made into thin sheets and dried.


    With its unmistakable flavour Nori makes a delicious but also nutritious addition to everyday meals and snacks:

    • High in Fibre
    • High in Protein
    • Low in Fat



    Green Nori Sprinkle makes a tasty and nourishing condiment for a variety of savoury dishes. For a delicious herb flavour, sprinkle on pizza and pasta, rice and noodles, vegetables, soups and salads. Also delicious in breads, muffins and crêpes, sauces, dressings and dips. Try it in one of our recipes: Inside-out Sushi Rolls or Penne Pasta with Pesto.

    For more recipes please see our recipe page.

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