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Organic Japanese Kuzu (Kudzu) - Gluten Free Starch Thickener

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  • Ingredients: Wild harvested Kuzu* (Pueraria lobata). *organically grown.

    Product weight: 125g

    Clearspring Organic Kuzu (also known as Kudzu) is a superior quality starch thickener with a smooth texture and neutral flavour that is naturally extracted from the roots of one of Japan’s most vigorous mountain plants. Its quality was commended in the 2012 Free From Awards.

    How to use

    Ideal thickener for soups and stews, sweet and savoury sauces, glazes and pie fillings, it is easy to us

    • Crush the chunks
    • Dissolve in a small amount of cold water
    • Add the mix to to your cooking liquid
    • Heat, stirring continuously until thick and translucent.

    A half to one tablespoon of kuzu will thicken one cup of liquid. Please note: 1 ¾ tbsp. of Kuzu can replace 1 tbsp of corn flour.

    Kuzu production

    Clearspring's kuzu producer has been making kuzu for five generations, and follows a 45-day process of washing, settling, filtering and drying the pure organic kuzu root starch that it supplies to Clearspring. Located in southern Kyushu, where the volcanic soils produce exceptionally vigorous kuzu plants, they are one of the few remaining producers of pure kuzu starch in Japan.

    A Superior gluten free thickener

    Kuzu has been a valued ingredient in Japanese cuisine and confectionery for more than two thousand years. Its high content of complex starch molecules makes it a powerful thickening agent. While standard thickeners like cornflour can do much the same job, they tend to be highly processed and treated with chemical bleaches and extracting agents, whereas Clearspring pure organic kuzu is a completely natural gluten free starch.

    Product Code: CS769
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

  • A superior thickening agent with a delightfully smooth texture and no starchy or interfering taste. Use Kuzu to thicken soups and stews, both sweet and savoury sauces, glazes, desserts and pie fillings. Dissolve in cold water before adding to hot liquids.

Customer Reviews

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Bessie Moussafir
Kuzu for Indigestion

Kuzu - a teaspoon once mixed with a little water and then topped up with more tepid water - can help with indigestion

Variety of usage

I use Kuzu for many dishes: soups with vegetables or eggs, noodles, etc., as healthy, delicate ingredients .

George Demetriades
Not Good.

The amount you need to thicken is considerable, given the amount you receive for the cost it works out about 50x more expensive than corn starch. That's not a product you can regularly buy for application. also It's time consuming having to add more and more because it won't thicken. Yes, all instructions are followed. It performs poorly.

Hi George, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. This is the first negative review we've had for this product, so we welcome the feedback. As described in the product information, our Kuzu is produced with a very time consuming natural method and there are only a handful of producers left in Japan still making it like this, so it is a very rare product. We do not argue that it creates similar results to corn starch at a higher cost, but that is a highly processed product that many health practitioners prefer to avoid. We understand that this product it quite niche and not for everyone though. We appreciate the honest feedback though, as this is a helpful comparison.

Gregory Sams
It's the real thing

Just made up an ume-syu-kuzu drink to the recipe on the jar I have kept kuzu in since 1971 (Harmony Foods brand), which also describes the method of processing it from wild mountain roots in streams of running water and thought - they cannot still be making kuzu like this. So I check Clearspring's website and they damn well are, getting it from the sole producer in all Japan. I am very impressed!

Dr L M Partington
Excellent as always

I have been using Kuzu for a number of years now and it never disappoints me as a natural thickener. I am a organic wholefood vegan and this product is superb for thickening tomato sauces, etc.