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Organic Japanese Brown Rice Crackers - Black Pepper & Tamari

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  • Ingredients: Brown rice* (88%), tamari soya sauce* (6.1%) (soya beans*, water, sea salt), concentrated grape juice*, black pepper* (1.6%), black sesame seeds*. *organically grown.

    May contain traces of crustaceans.

    Product weight: 40g

    These light and crispy, gluten-free Japanese crackers are baked to perfection. A delicious way to enjoy the benefits of organic wholegrain brown rice, black pepper and naturally aged tamari. Our second generation producers use the highest quality ingredients, traditional recipes and time honored processes to produce these authentic wholesome snacks.

    Product Code: JCC0103.040A
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  • On its own or with a dip

    Store in a cool, dry place

  • In 1952 our family producers set up their business to produce Karinto, a traditional Japanese sweet snack in Himeji, west Japan. They then diversified into producing rice crackers 4 years later.

    They have since become well-known as a 100% Organic Brown Rice Cracker producer and were inspired by the philosophy of the macrobiotic diet in 1961. They use the highest quality ingredients, traditional recipes and time honoured processes to produce these authentic wholesome snacks.

    Production Process

    The process starts with 100% organically grown brown rice. The brown rice is slowly and carefully processed and steamed to make a dough. This process takes three to four times longer than when using white rice.  The dough is then cooled with water and the texture is carefully checked by hand.

    Black Pepper and Tamari are added. 

    The dough is then moulded into rice cracker shapes.

    The crackers are slowly dried on a net for more than half a day to reduce their moisture content and left overnight to settle. They are then dried again using far-infrared dryers for another night to remove the last of the moisture. This long and slow drying process has a significant influence on the finished product. Finally, they are baked in an oven to make these light, delicate and crispy crackers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cyril Wheat
Top Crackers

These crackers are absolutely delicious. I used them with smoked salmon and cream cheese instead of blinis and they were perfect. They keep fresh if you can resist eating them all in one go.

Too good!

Too good! All varieties. I buy a few packages, and plan to keep them around, for a guest or special occasion, but can't seem to!

Lee Bromwich

Great flavour! Black pepper & Tamari

Alexandra Hagen

Great flavour, will definitely buy them again

Frances Burton

I like all four types of rice cracker; it's good to be able to choose something different.