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Retailer of the Week: Vibrant Health Spa

            Retailer of the Week: Vibrant Health Spa - Clearspring

Can you tell us a little bit about your shop?

At Vibrant Health Spa we Specialise in Detoxification & Cell Nourishment to assist the body to vibrate at its highest potential. The methods we use are Colonic Irrigation, Plant Based Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine. Our main store and Colonic Training Centre is situated in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, a peaceful town, with clean air and lots of green spaces, which offers quick and easy access into London via Potters Bar Train Station.

What’s the best part of owning a health food store?

Meeting new people every day, connecting and making friends, helping individuals on their journey to wellness, and reaching higher states of Vibrant Health. Sampling all the wonderful Plant Based Health Food Products, we like to surround ourselves with. Working with a wonderful team, in a pleasant environment.

What’s the most difficult part of owning a health food store?

Sacrificing a little on social time with friends and family, and working crazy hours, to cover many aspects of the business, such as training schedules for staff, working on client programmes, marketing, accounting, maintenance of equipment and store, legal aspects, cleaning and so on.

Why do you like to stock Clearspring products?

We love all of the Clearspring product range we have tried. The quality of ingredients, the clean professional packaging and labelling, the variety or products, and taste are all perfect, to top it off - the price is always very reasonable.

Is there an event/promotion coming up in your shop/village/area that you would like people to know about?

As UK’s only Training Centre for Colon Hydrotherapy using the most advanced, private, and Safe equipment worldwide (The LIBBE).

We guarantee the best prices for our Colonic Treatment throughout the country, plus monthly special offers to our growing number of Spa Members.

What's your one tip for living a happy, healthy life?

A happy and healthy life requires daily effort to nourish our-cells with wonderful vibrant food, and regularly detox with methods like Colonic Irrigation, plus Herbal Medicine. Once our internal world is in harmony, and in a state of bliss, so too will our external experience be.