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Retailer of the Week: Sherwood Wholefoods

            Retailer of the Week: Sherwood Wholefoods - Clearspring

Can you tell us a little bit about your shop?

Sherwood Wholefoods Ltd is a thriving well established independent health food shop, which has been supporting and serving its local community and beyond since 1995. It is located in the flourishing town of Market Drayton in Shropshire.

For over 21 years, the owners Carol and Miller Reid, along with their long-serving members staff Heather Brown, Sally McLean Butler (their daughter), Mary Oubridge also known as Granny Marbles (Carol’s mother) and the newest member Little David (Sally’s son who is just 1 years old) have been helping and supporting their customers with any queries and questions.

What’s the best part of owning a health food store?

Carol and Miller both agree being able to help, support and advise customers is the best part of owning their health food shop.

Sally believes that it’s the popcorn kernels we sell as she LOVES popcorn but David disagrees and thinks it is Clearspring’s Rice Cakes

What’s the most difficult part of owning a health food store?

Carol explains that she finds the most difficult part of owning the health food shop is designing and organising the window displays, so she gave that job to her daughter Sally.

Why do you like to stock Clearspring products?

We like to stock Clearspring products mainly because all their products are made with high-quality standard using organic food sauces. Also, the packaging is bright, clear and informative.

Miller’s favourite Clearspring product is the Olive Oil, he feels that it is the nicest he has had.

Is there an event/promotion coming up in your shop/village/area that you would like people to know about?

Please come and visit our website at www.sherwooswholefoods.com. There are lots of interesting pages to look at. We have Carol Corner, this is where each month Carol writes an article on different topics relating to alternative remedies. You can read about the history of our shop and meet the team. You can also see what products we have on special offer and what exciting things are happening at our shop and/or what everyone is up too, for example, how little David “helped” out within our shop (and everyone tiding up after him) and how we supported Organic September.

Whats your one tip for living a happy, healthy life?

Over the years Carol has come to the conclusion that to live a happy and healthy life you need to: eat a variety of good food and have a little treat now and again, make sure you do a little bit of exercise and have a positive outlook on life.