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Retailer of the Week: Rhos Market Garden

            Retailer of the Week: Rhos Market Garden - Clearspring

Can you tell us a little bit about your shop?

We are an organic whole food shop based in Knighton, in the Welsh borders. We specialise in selling locally grown organic produce as well as having a wide range of whole foods including Clearspring products available.

What’s the best part of owning a health food store?

We love selling our own organic produce which we grow locally on The Rhos, a stones throw away from our shop. We also really enjoy being part of the community.

What’s the most difficult part of owning a health food store?

The biggest challenge we face is running our shop along side our organic market garden which partly stocks our shop.

Why do you like to stock Clearspring products?

Clearspring products are very popular with our customers. The product ranges are always very high quality and generate a lot of interest on our shelves. For instance we have recently started stocking a selection of Clearspring's Japanese range which our customers have been keen to try!

Is there an event/promotion coming up in your shop/village/area that you would like people to know about?

Knucklas Castle Community Land Project is having its annual Apple Day on Saturday October 21st, apple cakes and drinks, apple bobbing and all things applely in their beautiful orchard at knucklas castle.

Whats your one tip for living a happy, healthy life?

We are truly passionate about growing organically, growing with nature, looking after the soil and the wildlife. And then taking the time to enjoy it all!