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Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV Turmeric Dipping sauce

            Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV Turmeric Dipping sauce - Clearspring

The perfect balance of sweet and sour sauce, with the added single strength Tamari soya sauce it brings out the umami flavour to your dishes. You can also use this sauce to marinate vegetables, jackfruit or create quick pickles.

Serves 1-2
preparation time - 10min



  1. Mix all the ingredients together until the Rice Malt Syrup is dissolved.
  2. Cook the Gyoza as instructed on the pack.
  3. Dip the Gyoza into the sauce while it's hot. Enjoy as a side dish or with rice.

TIP: This sauce can also be used to season stir-fries or dressings.

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