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Healthy Vegan Workshop Series 2020 held at The Clearspring Kitchen

            Healthy Vegan Workshop Series 2020 held at The Clearspring Kitchen - Clearspring


by Marlene Watson-Tara, Bill Tara and Special Guest Dr Mahesh Mesh Shah

We are delighted to be recommencing our monthly workshops running throughout 2020 at our friends premises in London. Clearspring Ltd has a fabulous space that is welcoming and spacious. The first of our series took place on -  25th January 2020. Next event will take place in March.

Expand your understanding of healthy vegan eating, learn to prepare tasty meals that don’t break the bank and develop simple tools for healthy living.


This is a great starter class for those who desire total health and vitality through a plant-based diet and lifestyle. An opportunity to benefit from the decades of international experience of teaching, advocacy and clinical work of our MACROVegan team. We aim to make healthy living exciting and enjoyable.

Our approach is a fusion of modern nutritional science, ancient wisdomand common-sense. In this jam-packed day, you will enjoy cooking sessions with demonstration and participation with plenty of tasters, informative talks on issues of health and human ecology and take home a Clearspring Starter Pack of foods to help you in the weeks ahead.

What’s Included In Your Day for 25 January:

Teas and snacks, when you arrive and on your breaks.

Servings of all dishes from the menu will be offered up in Generous Tasters. You will not leave hungry.

Clearspring Starter Pack filled with fabulous products geared toward making the recipes you will be shown on the day.

Two Talks: Understanding the Gut Biome with Dr Mahesh Mesh Shahand What You Eat and Who You Arewith Bill Tara

Demonstration and Participation in preparation of today's menu with Marlene Watson-Tara and Jutta List

Your health questions answered by the whole team.

Recipes and educational tutorialsto download to your electronic device.

What’s On The Menu With Quick Meals For Busy People
  • Miso Broth With Tamari & Ginger
  • Creamy Short Grain Brown Rice Risotto With Roasted Flaked Almonds
  • Thai Chickpea Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Coconut Curry
  • Energised Greens Topped with Sweet Balsamic Glaze & White Sesame Seeds
  • Mini Orange Chocolate Pots

          People come to the vegan way of living for many reasons. It may be personal health, animals or environment but creating and maintaining good health is something we all need.

          Images from the event on the 25th Jan

          Learn the simple yet effective ways to create a perfect diet. You Can:

          • Lose Weight
          • Prevent Disease
          • Gain Vitality
          • Lower Cholesterol
          • Reverse Type II Diabetes
          • Reduce Inflammation
          • Learn The Art of Graceful Ageing

          More information about the event: https://macrovegan.org/vegan-cooking-classes-london/

          Website: https://macrovegan.org 

          NEXT EVENT  will take place in March.