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Excellent service

Always excellent service from Clearspring. Efficient and minimally packed.


Unbeatable taste and too moorish for my own good!


Delicious rice cakes, the best I've EVER had

No added sugar

So good to have products with no added sugar. Fresh tasting and a good variety. Bought originally from a farm shop but would order again from the website.

Now an old favourite

These are very tasty noodles and they stir-fry great if you soak them for only about 8 mins in boiling water not 10 as recommended on the pack. (The longer soaking makes them brittle; I think they're better slightly 'al dente'.) I haven't tried the long 30 min soak in cold water which might well make them come out firmer. It really is the case with these as with other Asian noodles that after softening in hot water they must be rinsed thoroughly in cold to stop them going gummy. They can then be stir-fried or reheated in soups perfectly. They are very good cooked with ribboned vegetables or tossed in hot sesame seeds cooked in sesame oil with a miso-water-and-mirin sauce poured over. My only wish is that they came in bigger packs as we're three in the household.