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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother - Peach

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  • Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar* (97%), peach juice concentrate* (2.9%), natural peach flavouring* (0.1%) *organic

    Product volume: 500ml

    Fresh and fruity, the Peach ACV is one of the favourites with its mellow soft acidity. Try adding 1-3 tablespoons of the Peach Flavoured ACV to sparkling water like a cordial for a refreshing afternoon pick me up or using as a dressing for a salad.

    So what exactly is Clearspring’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother?

    In short, it is a naturally fermented vinegar made from organic European apples which are cold pressed into juice, then slowly matured into apple cider vinegar. The ‘Mother’ is a cloudy and complex sediment of friendly bacteria that is special to the region of Modena and enzymes which form as part of the natural process and believed to have many health benefits for the body. To enjoy it at its best, the vinegar is raw, which means it is unpasteurised and unfiltered. Clearspring have added natural flavours, aromas and juices to enhance the sweet, acidic flavour of the apple cider vinegar to give a fresh, fruity and fragrant unique flavour addition to enjoy in everyday cooking and drinking.

    Perfect for dressings and sauces and/or take 2 tablespoons with water as a wholesome daily tonic. Try with Sparkling water as a refreshing drink!

    • Raw
    • Unpasteurised
    • Unfiltered
    • Produced in Italy
    • No added sulphites

    Product Code: AM110
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

  • There are so many ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s so versatile! One of the most popular ways is to have a shot in the morning or make a wholesome tonic with warm or cold water to start the day with a zing. It is also great for cooking and creating delicious dressings for dishes such as salads and sauces. It is the perfect addition to any meal or drink with the added zing of these delicious and fruity flavours from Raspberry, Matcha & Lemon, and Peach to Ginger, Turmeric & Black Pepper.

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    Store in a cool, dark place

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Barb J
A sweet addition

Delicious in salad dressing


I don’t usually go for flavoured vinegars but this one did look appealing to me, so pleased I tried it, absolutely wonderful product, lovely in salad dressing and I did as suggested and added a splash to my sparkling water, absolutely delicious and so refreshing, you can really taste the peach while getting all the health benefits of the cider vinegar. Must add that service from Clearspring during Covid Crisis has been absolutely exceptional, truly marvellous company.

Dee Pessoa

This product is beautiful, looks, tastes and smells gorgeous. So Good as a part of a dressing or as a tonic! Very much enjoying having it in my cupboard. :)

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother - Ginger, Turmeric & Black Pepper

I am regular users of all clearspring's vinegar , it's very good products to keep you healthy and it tastes nice