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Such wonderful aroma

Since first buying it a month or two ago, I find I have to use yuzu ponzu quite a lot, I just love the aroma and deep almost floral flavour, it's just gorgeous, thank you for making it available Clearspring. I buy regularly from you and everything is always so well packed and promptly delivered. Thank you for all that you do, only one thing can you please source or produce Natto!

High quality products and services

Excellent service and products. Arrived very quickly and well packed.
Definitely I am going to buy again.

Worst noodles ever

Can’t believe I spent £4 on these. I cook with soba noodles all the time, these are by far the worst quality I’ve ever used. I followed the cooking instructions, but when I added them to the boiling water they instantly began forming one large clump together. I tried to stir but this made it worst. I thought that it would get better once they finished cooking, but it got worse and worse. The cooking water became white and thick. I had to throw them in the bin as they were not edible. Ruined a meal that I spent a lot of time preparing.

The best dried Shiitake in the UK

Coming from East Asia, I tried all my best to find the one I used to eat at home. This is it! The best Shiitake mushroom I could find in the UK - each dried piece utterly has an excellent aroma and flavour!

An amazing product!

I use this for any soy sauce-based dish to add flavour. Highly recommended.