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Fantastic Chips

I just rang up to find out if these chips will still be available, (out of stock at the moment)? I have been recommending them to my clients as they are good for heart health, also good for all health. Taste is great and so light and too easy to keep eating. Something that tastes good and is good for you. I am always on the lookout for new healthy snacks I can recommend. I hope they will be back in stock soon.


Very efficient in fulfilling and delivering the order. Thank you.

Nice oil, good size

The oil itself is nice but I want to mention is the 2L size choice they have. I can save some plastics.

Not bad

Recently switched to Clearspring rice syrup as other leading brand (Biona) uses plastic packaging.
The Biona is nicer and lighter tasting in my opinion whereas this is thick and with a strong malty taste. Clearspring product is still good though especially mixed with tahini on a corn/rice cake or two.

I like it!

I like especially because it's not too crunchy, it's much easier to spread it on the bread. Too crunchy means you have to put a lot of it on the bread to cover it completely. And it tastes good.