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Organic Japanese Sweet White Miso Paste - Pasteurised

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  • Ingredients: Cultured rice* (42%), water, soya beans* (21%), sea salt. *organically grown

    Product weight: 250g

    Miso is a traditional fermented Japanese staple food and seasoning that has been long prized for its rich taste and concentrated goodness. Made from whole soya beans and a unique koji fermentation culture it is naturally aged in cedarwood cegs over many months at ambient temperatures. This slow fermentation results in a seasoning with rich and complex flavours and an abundance of umami (referred to as the fifth taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salt).

    Clearspring Sweet White Miso is a short-aged Kyoto style miso with a wonderful creamy richness and a slightly salty sweetness, traditionally made in small batches to maintain its special quality. It's light colour may darken over time due to natural ageing but this does not alter its flavour.

    Sweet White Miso was historically reserved for the rich and royalty because it is made with lots of rice koji, which was very expensive at that time. However, now that rice is less expensive, Sweet White Miso can be enjoyed by everyone and every day.

    Try using a little in mashed potato instead of milk, or in creamy soups instead of cream. It is also perfect for party snack foods such as dips and salad dressings.

    Product Code: CS487-BM
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  • Blend with oils and vinegars for savoury sauces and dressings or dilute with cooking liquid to enrich the flavour of soups and stews. Also delicious as an alternative to dairy ingredients in vegetable mashes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Georgina Bhattacharya

4 stars with only the packaging to improve on!

Georgina Bhattacharya

Excellent miso. Just one thing which could easily be improved - the packaging. Please could this miso have a cap like on your Umami and brown rice miso pouches? It would make it much easier and less messy.

Marlene Watson-Tara
Delicious & Versatile

This sweet white miso is incredibly versatile. I use in soups, sauces, dips and add a little to my tomato base for pastas that delivers an incredible creamy sauce. Delicious and healthy - Thank you for your wonderful ethical products.

Σοφία Χαραλαμπάκη
Smooth as a paste

The taste is just great! I use it not only in cooking but straight to the bread as a paste. It combines taste and health. What more to say?

C Beez
Delicious and versatile

Very complex and yet light flavour, suitable for all kinds of dishes, even sweet baking.