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Organic Corn Cakes

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  • Ingredients: Corn* (99.7%), sea salt (0.3%)
    * organically grown

    May contain traces of sesame seeds.

    Product weight: 130g

    Clearspring Organic Puffed Corn Cakes are light and crispy, and make a delicious snack straight from the pack or served with toppings or spreads. They are a healthy, low fat and wholesome alternative to bread and other crackers. As with all Clearspring products, we choose ingredients that are authentic and sustainably sourced. We work with traditional producers specialising in small batches to deliver great tasting, good food to our customers.

    Our corn cakes are made in Belgium with GM-free corn grown in Italy, and seasoned with just 0.3% Atlantic Sea Salt, unrefined to ensure that all its healthful mineral properties are retained. As with all our products, Clearspring Organic Corn Cakes have been developed as a healthy way to enhance any diet. As well as tasting great, these Organic Corn Cakes are gluten free, a great source of fibre and contain less than 5% fat.

    With a hint of crunch and a touch of popcorn, they are wonderfully moreish and a surefire lunchbox hit too. Try them smothered in black olive paste and topped with a corn and mango salsa, or spoon over some Creamy Dill Dip and add chopped walnuts and pomegranate to taste. 

    Clearspring Organic Corn Cakes join the popular range of Organic Puffed Rice Cakes, currently available in Unsalted, With Sea Salt and Multigrain with Sea Salt flavours. 

    Product Code: GR201
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  • Delicious straight from the pack or try them with your favourite spreads and toppings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Am delighted with them and have bought a quantity of them as they are my go-to gluten free snack. I love the versatility of the crackers. I can trust Clearspring’s description of their products (the tea, the spread, the nuts……) and looking forward to trying different items! Can’t thank you enough.

Love it.

Tried different brands of rice cakes, these ones are the tastiest. Very light, non greasy, versatile.
Thank you..

The best!

I enjoy Clearspring corn cakes because they are nice and crunchy but not as thick, and thereby hard on the teeth, as other brands of corncake. The deliveries are always 100% reliable too.

Lorraine Mcewan
Rice cakes

Absolutely amazing I buy them all the time and they are healthy

Susan Blair
Nice corn cakes

Nice corn cakes, which I'm currently enjoying with mushroom pate